5 iconic couples of history | Powerful Love Story Who Changed The World

Love Story

“Love is the whole thing. We are only pieces.”

Rumi has very rightly said in his quote when he was talking about the infinite power of love. Love is such an emotion that has revolutionized the world since the start. From destructive wars to artistic masterpieces. The feeling of love has marched all grounds with the same energy. Our history is filled with iconic power couples whose love story redefines the word ‘love’. So in this article, let’s know about the 5 iconic couples of history who changed the world.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Sai Bai Love Story

Love Story

From Lord Ram to Sita, to Bajirao and Mastani, India has forever bloomed the flowers of glorious yet rebellious love. One of these love stories is of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Sai bai. We’ve all heard the stories of the greatness of Chhatrapati Shivaji. But in this article \ let’s get to know about his love story. Saibai’s father, Mudhojirao Nimbalkar, was under the arrest of Adilshah. To release him from there, Shahji Raje went there and helped him.

That is why, as a token of appreciation, for his daughter, Mudhojirao asked for Shahji Raje’s son’s hand in marriage. Saibai was very selfless since her childhood. And after marriage, she even became the chief companion of Shivaji Maharaj. Shivaji Maharaj liked her quiet nature and selflessness. Because of this gentle nature, she soon became not just an integral part of Shivaji Maharaj’s life but also the royal household.

Unfortunately, the story of this royal couple didn’t last too long.After the birth of Sambhaji Raje, Saibai’s health declined. At the age of 26, she passed away leaving Shivaji Maharaj drenched in sorrow of losing his most beloved companion. But, Shivaji Maharaj always kept Saibai in his memories. After 21 years, when the greatest of great warriors was on his deathbed, he united with his true love by uttering his last words as her name. “Sai”. This story tells us that true love never really dies.

Martin Luther King and Coretta Love Story

These are, American civil right activist, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Martin Luther King Jr.’s words which is a very big name in history. Just like how every couple’s story starts, the story of this revolutionary couple too started when Martin and Coretta’s mutual friend Mary Powell gave Coretta’s number to Martin and set up a blind date. Martin saw all the qualities in Coretta that he wanted in his wife. Character, Personality, Intelligence, and Beauty.

16 months after their first date, Martin and Coretta got married on 18th June 1953. After some time of marriage, Coretta realized that Martin was a part of something much bigger. And now because of their union, she was too. Coretta always supported Martin even during the most brutal moments of the civil rights act.

On 4th April 1968 Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered. But, even after he passed away Coretta kept her love for him alive and also, his love for social justice alive by following in his legacy of activism and civil rights reform that is still going on. Coretta passed away in 2006 but the contribution of this romantic and revolutionary couple is still seen in the world today. Today, in western countries, you won’t see white and black people sitting differently in buses and public places. And all of that because of this collaboration that lasted only 15 years but still left an impact for eternity.

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Marie and Pierre Curie Love Story

We saw how a couple saw the dream of changing the world and were also successful in it. Just like that, the story of this couple who revolutionized scientific field is very inspirational. Marie was very ambitious but in the 1800s in Poland, girls weren’t allowed to go to university. That is why at that time, she started working as a tutor. In 1891, Marie went to France

and there she completed her graduation. After getting a degree in Physics, she started working in an industrial lab. At that time, Pierre was a physicist in a technical college but he was already very well-credentialed because he had invented piezoelectricity with his brother.

In this story, the mutual friend of this scientific couple was Professor Kowalski who introduced Marie to Pierre. At that time, Marie was in search of a big lab to expand her work. And Professor Kowalski thought that Pierre would be able to help her. Pierre helped Marie in finding the lab and they even became good friends, About science and the whole world, their thoughts matched a lot and that is why Pierre fell for Marie and asked her hand in marriage. Marie did see a spark in their relationship but she was still very ambitious to say yes.

Love Story

Marie wanted to go back to Poland and teach physics at Krakow University. When Pierre got to know this, he was ready to shift to Poland because of his love. Pierre and Marie approached Krakow University but, Krakow University saw some technical difficulties in Marie’s work and they rejected Marie. Pierre and Marie both knew that this ‘technical defects’ was just an excuse. the actual problem was that Marie was a female physicist.

That is why Pierre convinced Marie to come to Paris again and complete her PhD. She agreed and she even accepted the proposal. Both the partners started working together and both of them were geniuses but they never let intellectual ego come in between them. After a lot of research, with the help of Pierre, Marie also discovered two more radioactive elements. Namely, Radium and Polonium. This discovery was nominated for the Nobel Prize but initially, Marie wasn’t put in the name of nominees only because she was a female.

But, Pierre stood by her and convinced the board to take her name as well. Because of the respect and love, Pierre had for his wife, Marie became the first woman to have won a Nobel Prize alongside her husband for immense contribution in this field of science. All we learn from the Curies is that they were beyond a romantic couple. They watered each other’s seeds of innovations throughout their life.

Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde Love Story

A 21 year old boy, with whom 2 life-changing things happened at once. First, he fell in love and second, the doctors told him that he had no more than 2 years to live. What do you think? What must’ve happened ahead? The girl he had fallen in love with, did she leave him because of his disease and life expectancy? If I say that the girl married the boy, then what will you think? Was she a fool? Well, no.

Jane Wilde was just too true a lover to leave Stephen Hawking even after finding out about his motor neuron disease. Jane and Stephen had met at a college friend’s party and they had also started liking each other. And that time, Stephen got to know about his incurable disease because of which, soon, his whole body was going to become dysfunctional. Doctors had lost hope but, Jane didn’t.

In 1965, both got married but soon after the marriage, the happiness of the couple took a backseat. Jane gave birth to two children soon after the wedding. But at that time, Stephen’s health started deteriorating more. Jane used to support him from one shoulder and bring him outside. And on another shoulder would be their baby and running ahead would be their second child. Stephen was very brilliant and also very passionate regarding physics.

Jane knew that he is achieving milestones in his field and that is why she stayed with him to support him. She also said in an interview that in their relationship weren’t just two people, they were four. Herself, Stephen, motor neuron disease, and physics. From feeding Stephen food to dressing him up, Jane used to do all the work. This relationship came to an end when Jane met Jonathan in a local church. Her growing friendship with Jonathan became an escape for her from her monotonous life. And eventually, the couple finally divorced. 

Now you must be thinking, why did this broken relationship make it to this list of iconic couples. And the answer to that is unconditional love. Jane always had to option of not marrying Stephen at all. But she chose to be his companion during all the pain the disease bought him. Jane kept taking care of Stephen even after their separation. Stephen had also said in one of his interviews that Jane was the reason he was able to fight the depression that came along with the disease. We get to learn from this couple that true love can give hope in the most hopeless situations.

Love Story

Mahatma Phule and Savitribai Phule Love Story

Two life partners turned best friends because of whom women got the right to education in India and the Indian society revolutionized. Naigaon’s Savitribai was married off to Jyotiba Phule when she was just 9 years old. At that time, she didn’t even know how to read and write. In Indian society, sending boys out to study and keeping girls busy in the chores of home, was very common back then.

Following the pattern, Jyotiba was sent to study outside and Jyotiba and his friends came home and started teaching Savitribai and she excitedly started reading everything. With time, Savitribai also completed the Teacher’s Training Program. In 1848, 21 year old Jyotiba Phule and 17 year old Savitribai started the first school for girls. This couple was out there facing harassment for their step every single day. Even cow dung was thrown on Savitribai and even her life was threatened but, she held her ground.

In a society where girls were conditioned to do the work at home, to become dependent on her family, and to take care of her family, there Jyotiba and Savitribai had started teaching those girls in school the importance of independence and education. Jyotiba encouraged his wife and she, in turn, encouraged thousands of women in India by becoming the first female Head Mistress of India. Both together opened many girls’ schools in India, educated laborers and farmers, and also fought against the discrimination happening against the Dalit community.

Along with this, they also rose their voices against some wrong practices in India, like child marriage, sati, and female infanticide, This couple together found the Satyashodhak Samaj where many debates, and activities regarding social justice, and education used to happen. When Jyotiba Phule passed away in 1890, Savitribai lit the pyre herself. At that time, women weren’t even allowed to come to this ritual but she was the wife of a man who believed in empowering women. Even after Jyotiba passed away, Savitribai kept the fire of social justice burning.

In one letter, she has also addressed Jyotiba as a god-like man. She understood the passion of Jyotiba for bringing quality to society. Because she herself was the first step of this revolution. This couple had only one aim. To make this world a better place to live in where everyone is treated equally and justice is served regardless of caste, creed, or gender. What can be a more inspiring love lesson than their mutual spirit to change the world for good.


From the stories of these 5 couples, we learned today that relationships aren’t just romantic. Inspiring each other, supporting each other, and seeing yourself in each other, is as important as being loyal and caring. Remember the quote, ‘Love conquers all’? It’s true. We all are walking puzzle pieces of this world, we are only a right piece away from an iconic love story.

Do tell us in the comments that your love story is inspired by which real-life couple?

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