6 Common Dreams with HIDDEN Meanings!

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If I ask you that, in this world which is that one activity that you can happily do by keeping your eyes closed without even thinking twice, then? Well, for me that activity is sleeping. And who doesn’t like sleeping? And if we put the angle of dreams in our sleep then it becomes so much more fun. Because dreaming is like watching a movie with our eyes closed

and this is such a movie where anything can happen at any time. But, do you know that there are also such dreams? that me, you, and most people have seen at least once! So today let’s talk about dreams! In this post, I’ll tell you about six dreams. about their interpretations, and I’m sure that while reading this post you’ll relate to a lot of dreams.

Dreams About Cheating

I’m not saying that if you get dreams where you’re cheating on your partner, or your partner is cheating on you then your relationship is in danger. I’m not saying that. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t take it seriously. Dream Analyst Lauri Loewenberg says that if you get dreams of cheating then you should be curious about it because the things that happen in our dreams, convey something to us.

Mostly these things are the way of our subconscious mind to tell us that there is an underlined issue in us, there is something wrong and that needs to be sorted. You’ll be very shocked to know that infidelity i.e. dreams of cheating on your partner are very common. Many people get such dreams. But the question is, why does this happen? Well, every cheating dream is different and unique but Lauri Loewenberg also says that the reasons behind all these dreams are always the same.

Loewenberg tells us that in a relationship, s*x is not the most important thing. In fact, more important than that is, that partners are connecting s*x with which emotion. So in such, if you get the dream of you cheating on your partner or your partner cheating on you then you need to understand the place of emotion it is coming from. Do you feel Guilt? Or you’re overwhelmed? Or you’re anxious or jealous? Or insecure? Or are you happy? So basically this decision is for you, how do you decode it. Because once you do that, you’ll understand the relationship between your dream and your reality.

Loewenberg says that in dreams of cheating, every time you don’t need to be s*xually cheating on your partner. But in most cases, this happens. She’s told the reason behind all these dreams, most of the time, there’s a communication gap in relationships between partners. There’s an uneasiness regarding their s*xual relationship. And there are many factors, like how many times you’re having s*x? How often do you speak about s*x? How often does your partner let you try new things in s*x?

So there are so many things that partners can’t discuss with each other and can’t tell them out loud, and that is why you get such dreams. Sometimes what happens with people is that in the past they’ve encountered an unfaithful relationship, their ex must’ve cheated on them, and this episode stays as a memory with them. And when they get into a new relationship, they carry this memory along with them. And this hampers their existing relationship, because they have a lot of doubts in their mind, a fear, because of which, they can’t trust their existing partner, they overthink it and they end up dreaming about it.

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Dreams About Being Naked In Public

Whenever we think that we want to go out go to roam around, in a mall, or on a date, then the first thing that comes to our mind is, “Which clothes to wear?” But if I tell you that the common dream of you, me, and most people is being publicly naked, then what will be your reaction. Imagine it’s your birthday and you’re having a party you have your friends, you’re in your college or office, and you’re not wearing something fancy, you’re standing naked. It’ll be so awkward, right?

Well experts say that this appearing naked dream is more common for those people who are a little sensitive ad insecure about their outer looks. Ian Wallace, who is a dream psychologist has revealed that, And basically, I think this is true. Because whenever you go to a new job, in a new environment, then people see you, observe you, and scan you. And you know that they’re seeing you.

So maybe that is why you must be getting those dreams. Many experts also think that the other reason this dream is very common is that people are conscious of their looks. People are scared of seeing each other in their natural looks and they are scared because they think that after seeing their looks, people will be disappointed. In Fact, clinical psychologist Dr. Kevin Gilliland also says that It is basically the fear that we’ll forget something and we’ll get exposed.

Dreaming About Pregnancy

Till today, we’ve been relating pregnancy only to women. But, there is such a dream which is commonly seen in both men and women. A woman expecting is a very special moment for her because literally, life is forming inside her, that she gets to nurture, she gets to grow, she gets to feel it. And this is such an amazing thing, right? So if a dream of pregnancy occurs to pregnant women, then it’s understood, right? But what about women who are not pregnant? And what about men? Because even they get such dreams.


Well, the reason behind this phenomenon is the University of North Carolina. This university examined 100 pregnant and non-pregnant women. After examination, they got to know that 83% of the non-pregnant women were dreaming about pregnancy. So, from this, we get the conclusion that pregnancy dreams are very common in women who are not pregnant.

Now, this was about the dream is common. But, what is the interpretation behind this dream? Well, Lauri Loewenberg says that even if you are not pregnant and if you get this dream, then it is a positive dream. And you should take this dream positively because this is a way of your subconscious mind to tell you that something is growing inside you, it can be an idea, it can be a thought, it can be artistic, and you have to execute this thing, develop it, and nurture it. Loewenberg also says that these dreams are common in women who go into new relationships.

Dreams About Teeth FALLING Out

In my opinion, in any person’s appearance, the most important component is their smile. And on our faces, the first thing that anyone notices is our smile. And according to many people, our smile looks amazing because of our teeth! But, have you ever thought that one day if all your teeth fall, then what will happen? Well, if not much in reality? Many people have commonly seen this dream where their teeth have fallen down. It is scary to even think about it, right? Medical experts say that these teeth falling out dreams are very common.

dreams, sleeping girl, sleep, dreaming

But if you’re repeatedly getting them, then there can be many reasons behind it. And these are a few reasons. If you’re personally going through a phase, which is very challenging for you like your close friend has passed away or someone has been in an accident, or such an incident that deeply affects you, then in such situations, you can get dreams where your teeth have fallen out.

Stress, Anxiety, and Depression are 3 such things that are connected in some or the other way. And many mental health problems begin with the fragment of stress, which is unnoticed at the start. Now, if stress is because of personal reasons or work life, this is a thing we all suffer from in our day-to-day lives. But, medical experts say that the basic functions of our teeth are to cut, tear, to grind. So in such if you’re getting dreams where your teeth have fallen out then the close interpretation of this can be that you’re losing your personal power and the ability to be positive, to be decisive, and protect yourself.

And we experience all these things when we are anxious regarding anything or worst-case scenario, we are depressed. Whenever we try something new in life, which is out of our comfort zone then stress and anxiety both together tell us that ‘Caution! Major changes coming up.’ And this major change can be anything, a new job, new city, new relationship, or marriage, then such kind of major changes, affect your subconscious mind and lead you to think about what can possibly go wrong in the new life that you’re living. And this, in turn, leads you to dream about tooth loss.

Dreams About Being Chased

I don’t know about Infidelity, Pregnancy, and teeth falling out, but I personally get these chasing dreams a lot. Many times we are in deep sleep, and we suddenly get a dream in which we are only running and we are scared and sweating, and we are running, But, why? Because someone is chasing you and they are just about to catch you which is why you are running fast!

But you don’t know who that person is, why they are running behind you, what do they want? I’ll tell you why we get this dream. Well, this dream about being chased there are many theories about this, many interpretations. And that is why science hasn’t validated any theory till now. But still, there are 2 closest interpretations of this dream that people have experienced. I’ll tell you about that.

According to the research review done in 2019, we get to know the parts of our daily life like religious beliefs, daily news, or events. we see in our dreams. So maybe you’ve seen a horror movie or your neighbor’s dog chased you, then all these episodes can be visible to you through dreams. Now, this is about a one-time event. But, if you get these dreams frequently then this indicates that you’re stuck in some confusion.

You’re stressed, and anxious, about a particular thing that you can’t solve. It can be your relationship, it can be your work life, then your subconscious mind is continuously trying to tell you that you have an unsolved problem. And maybe if you consciously solve this problem, then after that you’ll never get this dream again.

Dreams About Falling

You’re standing on a cliff and seeing the view, and there is greenery everywhere. Trees, plants, leaves. You can hear the sound of the birds chirping. The wind is grazing your face. And suddenly, your leg slips and you fall into the ditch. You’re falling towards the ground. You’re thinking I hope someone saves, someone holds my hand but there is no one there. And just as you’re about to fall to the ground, you wake up and you think, “Why do I get such dreams?” 

falling down, fall in sleep

Well, these psychological dreams of falling, science doesn’t have much backing but it has been known through many studies that this dream is very common in people. The same researchers have also theorized that if you get these dreams frequently where you’re falling from somewhere then this can mean that in your real life, you’re feeling helpless or recently, you’ve faced some rejection.


So these were 6 such dreams that were seen commonly in humans, So dreams are such an area, that science is still decoding today. Why do we see certain types of dreams? What is their interpretation? There are many theories behind this. But, you need to know that every person’s dream and its interpretation are different. So, at the end of the day it depends on you how do you decode your dream and what lesson do you take from it? So, if you liked this post, then do tell us about your dreams in the comments.

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