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Once, there is a beggar who enters a cake shop with old torn clothes after entering the cake shop, he asked the owner for a cake, the smell coming from his clothes. due to which all the other customers are facing problems, but still, that owner doesn’t drive him away. He silently took out the cake asks them for money after which the beggar one by one many pennies and spare money, he counts all those things and gives them to the owner, after which he takes the cake and goes away from there the son went to his dad and ask why did you do this? If you want, you can drive away from the beggar from outside or shouldn’t give cake or if you were giving cake, then why did you take money? You should give it to him for free.

Then the owner says that this beggar is the honest beggar, he is coming to me for the last many years. When he came the first time, then I was giving him a cake for free but he clearly refused me and said that I do not want a free cake from you, I will buy it from you and I will give a gift to my son. And this thing won my heart, after which whenever he comes, I do not disrespect him and ask him for his money so that he also feels good, he is my doing my respect by giving money and I give him respect by asking for money. And I do not insult him if I give him for free, then it will be a kind of insult and he feels lower and he doesn’t want to feel this thing. He wants to feel big man while giving a gift to his son and due to this, I like this beggar very much.  

Look friends there is a common thing spread in the world that if you want to be a respectful person then you should earn a lot of money you should be successful you must have fame. Then you can be a respectful person rank, status, post all these things important for respect but the truth is as told in this story, the owner respects the beggar because that beggar has some values and have some level of standard, which he never wants to break. Some rules he made for himself. 

Just like that if you also want people to respect you by earning money, and fame, you can earn respect from all these things but the true respect sometimes does not even come from all these things, you must have seen it many times that some people are very rich, very famous, people respect them many times in front of them but doesn’t respect them behind their back and call them bad, but sometimes, some poor people don’t in status but still, people do talk their good behind their backs and respect them. There are some things that make them respectful.

Today I’m going to share such 7 things with you. You can earn money, name and fame plus the most important thing in respect to which many times people give their lives and take it for, you will get that thing if you follow these 7 things. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, if you see the needs of humans then there at the fourth level or you can say that need which comes at the second top-level in which one need is of respect, to feel respectful which is very important for us. If you want to fulfill this need in your life, so you can be happy according to Maslow then you can follow these 7 things. 

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1. Psychology Tricks:- Always Be The Last To Speak

Let’s start the first thing you should do is “Always be the last to speak” you must know Nelson Mandela, he is considered one of the greatest leaders of the world. you go to any corner of the world, if you talk about the leaders, you will find many opposing views people who abuse him But Nelson Mandela was such a leader, whom maximum people always praise hardly you will get someone who abuses him, because, he was a great leader and that’s why he was asked one day that how did you become a great leader? 

From where did you learn to be such a great leader? so he told the story of his father he told that before we go to tribal meetings and Nelson Mandela was the son of a tribal chief his father was the leader of a tribe. whenever they go to the meeting they learn two things, first is that in the meeting, everyone used to sit in a circle so that everyone could see each other well, could talk to them well there was a different connection by sitting like this and the second thing that he had learned was that “my father was always the last to speak”, there he always used to speak, at last, first he always listened to others.

We are taught to speak maximum from birth, there’s debate, public speaking course you can say that we are taught from childhood to speak but one thing which we are not taught from childhood is “the skill to listen” but the skill of listening is one of the most important skills in today’s time, which you will develop within yourself you will move forward plus you will get the respect of others. 

Psychology, Psychology Tricks

There‘s a book by Simon Sinek “leaders eat last” in which he tells how the problem of today has become that leaders would learn that you have to listen to others but still, Simon Sinek says that many times I go to the board meeting of big companies and big leaders meeting and I notice that whenever big leaders come, speak whatever opinion they have as soon as they come they start imposing on others, they listen less to their team members and talk more but on the other side, they also believe that listening is important and only you can say that this is the hypocrisy which shouldn’t be. 

The author says whenever you went to meetings, try that first to listen to the opinion of the other person and develop this skill. Because this skill makes you a well-respected person. Why does this happen? because there are two reasons behind this, the first thing is when you listen to people they feel that you are not valuing them, you are valuing their contribution.

Secondly, when you listen to people many times, then you can take advantage of the knowledgebase of the other person you can understand their point of view, you can see a different perspective, which can disapprove your point many times. That’s why the first is that you listen to the person, many times you will feel that your viewpoint is 100% right and it will be. But still, you try to first listen to people, if you do not feel they are right then do not stop them in the middle, even if you feel right, do not interrupt them. Try to first listen to them and then at the end give your opinion, what will happen? You will feel respected, and that person will also feel respected. 

There is a give and take relationship, as much as you will respect people, You will get that much, now with this thing also happen that you are giving respect to them then that person will also respect you more and secondly, you will get to learn new things and you will also become a great leader. That’s why the first thing is to start applying it. 

2. Psychology Tricks:- Be Imperfectly Perfect

The second thing that will help you is to be “imperfectly perfect”, you know there Pratfall effect name thing, according to which when you make mistakes you become more attractive in the eyes of others. There was a researcher at ‘Elliot Aronson university’ which is in Texas that researcher was the first to discover how people can relate to mistakes and get more attracted to you. 

Once at the University of Minnesota, an experiment was done on the students in which it was seen that those children are performing well at the quiz, and in the last, those people were drop their coffee by mistake other students rated them too much in the likeability factor instead of those people who perform very well in the quiz and didn’t even make any mistakes. 

Like doesn’t drop the cup of coffee. Nowadays, there is a trend that people always try to show perfect you have seen on social media how people always show perfect photos, perfect videos, and perfect life, and yes sometimes people like it, but the truth is all these things are a kind of fake, no one can be so perfect no person’s life can be so perfect, and when you bring your imperfect life in front of people by showing your mistakes and completely being natural and real, then people will relate you more because in life those people always make mistakes too. Perfect people are good to look at from distance but the truth is that people do not like perfect people; sometimes people do not even respect them. 

Psychology, Psychology Tricks

Because we all know this thing, no one is perfect, that’s why many times creators and people deliberately put mistakes in there their videos. That when there are any mistakes, leave it like that, it is not necessary to you to edit the mistakes and remove them properly, many times even if your keep mistakes, that thing will work, and people will like that, you are a real person who can make mistakes and related to this you can see another example understand that two men are there, one man you can say that he doesn’t have hands and he is begging will you respect that person more or on the other hand there is another person who does not have both hands but still he is working and he is earning money by hard-working, Whom will you respect more? 

The other person we will respect more, because he is working even after being imperfect and he is not trying to hide his imperfection, he is working by facing it, which looks good, and makes respectful. That’s why when you also flaunt your flaws, people will be more attracted to you and will respect you more. And this thing is told in the book “13 things mentally strong people don’t do”.

3. Psychology Tricks:- Let Your Values Speak

The third things which help you to earn respect are “let your values speak” I ask you a question, look in India there are many businessmen if I ask you which one is such a businessman whom you respect a lot, whom people respect a lot, then in your mind which name will come? Ratan Tata. 

You will get the answer in his interview, once in the interview, Ratan Tata was asked about the Ambani’s being on the list of one of the top richest and why you don’t come there? Then in reply, Ratan Tata said that those are businessmen that Ambani’s is businessmen, whereas we Tata’s industrialists he wanted to say that our aim of Tata’s is to make this world a better society, not just to make money and fill pockets. 

And this is what makes him different, we are living in this world to make a good place not just to make your house bigger, Look if Vijay Mallya had said this same thing maximum people would laugh at it and troll them, but Ratan Tata Ji said this thing, then people will agree on this because their work shows all these things, you must know that how much Tata’s people donate, how much they work for the people.

Psychology, Psychology Tricks

 If I give you some examples, Tata employs a total of 4.5 lakhs people from all over the world And you would also know that maybe people die to do jobs in Tata because they treat their employees very well they provide many facilities. Because they value their employees and their people even when the global pandemic came, you must have seen that they donated a total of 1500 crores. He also said that if this country will need, we will sell our homes too. That strong value is the value of helping other people. And you can say that only these things make Tata respectful. 

Today’s people respect a lot, in the same way, if you will keep the strong values keep such values where you think about others, you help others, while growing yourself with then these things people will notice it and will definitely respect you compare to those people who thinks for their benefit and only do things about themselves.

4. Psychology Tricks:- Never Say They Are Wrong 

The next point you should understand is that “nobody changes their behavior by hearing it is bad” one of the best books that I have read till now is “how to win friends and influence people” and it’s a very classic book. That has passed the test of time, in its starting, it tells that the gangster named Al Capone did many murders, and did very bad things, but still when the people and police had caught him so he was saying that what have I done wrong? I always think about the people and always do well for the people.

While he was a very big gangster who has taken many people’s lives this example was told in that book that they were told that many times people become murderers, gangsters But still, they never feel that they have done anything wrong and they feel that they genuinely they have done well to the people and even if they have killed, have killed only for good things. 

The author says that when such a big gangster can consider himself right even by doing bad deeds then how can you expect that the normal people who speak things if you speak them wrong will believe that yes, I am wrong. The world’s bitter truth is that no one likes this thing that someone tells them that you are wrong, you must have noticed yourself

whenever you tell a person that you are wrong, see how many times they get irritated, make faces start fighting with you, start quarreling, become defensive. Because no one likes that people call them wrong, that’s why you can try one thing that you can directly stop telling wrong people.

What will happen with this? the first thing is that they are not going to believe the second thing is that they will start getting irritated and will not even respect you and they will speak badly about you in return, that’s why it’s better even if you want to explain to them indirectly that if you are watching someone, he keeps throwing garbage always then you can say that I always liked one thing of father that whenever there was some garbage he always used to go and throw it in the dustbin. Like this you can explain to people indirectly if you directly speak wrong to people, then there are many chances that people will be offended. 

5. Psychology Tricks:- Your Attitude Speaks 

The next lesson that has to be learned is “about attitude” if you want people to respect you, then an attitude is such a thing that if you make it good then people will respect you many times, the author, Nicholas Boothman says in his book that we have 2 types of attitude, first is useful attitude and second is useless attitude. A useful attitude means that you always focus on these things, you take action related to the things that you want, whereas a useless attitude means to focus on that things, talk about that things, that you do not want many times you do not want that thing in life, basically doing negative things. 

Psychology, Psychology Tricks

Whenever you talk about negative things it is also reflected in your body language and see when you keep on talking negatively many times, that thing also turns off people a lot, they do not like it. Whereas with a positive attitude when you talk about the good things that you want then this thing affect your body language and also makes people feel positive. Which everyone wants to do, you must have seen this many times in movies, I see animes one biz naruto type’s things in it many times in stories and character told that many times the characters that are they don’t have anything still instead of choosing negativity, what they do?

They talk about positive things related to the things they have and whatever they want in life and their Dreams they focus more on these ambitions things and talk about these things. Because of this people respect them a lot And this thing is also true in reality, you see some people always talk about negatives things people do not respect them much, do not talk much to them, they do not even like them while some people who talk more positive things are always encouraged themselves and also encourage other people many people like them a lot. So keep a useful attitude in yourself and throw away the useless attitude 

6. Psychology Tricks:- Use Absence To Increase Respect and Honour

The next lesson is “use absence to increase respect and honor” you must have noticed many times in your house where you live many times for 24 hours if you speak the best thing to your parents even if you talk very sensually, then your parents will take it lightly and will not respect it so much and there is also a saying that the chicken of the house is the same as the lentils, that’s types of things why this thing happens? Because its reasons mentioned in the book “48 laws of power” that if you are available very much for any human being, for example, many times people have to impress girls then those people available 24 hours for the girls, whenever you message me, I’m available for you to have this type of attitude. 

But the truth is that this availability, always available these things is not right to attract. To attract you should use the scarcity principle, use your absence. See when someone goes to a doctor and then people listen to him very carefully. I give my example, I always keep telling my dad you don’t eat this, don’t eat that, don’t do all these things, my dad used to take me very lightly.

Whereas when I took him to the doctor, he charged well fees and was available for a very short time the same thing the doctor told me to my dad, then he listened to him very well and said yes right and then my dad said this thing is right. So basically this is the principle of those who are scarce, those who have less availability, and people respect them more compared to those who are always available. That’s why you should maintain little scarcity and then you will be respected. And that thing you intentionally do, you have time and you are lying that I’m not available, I’m busy, and so this thing is genuinely not good. The good thing is that you work on your goals, are busy in your life, and do good things you don’t have time to available for everyone. Keep working on your goals this is a good way to increase your respect. 

7. Psychology Tricks:- Being Extremely Clear

You must have seen many times when two people talks, one person is trying to keep his point of view that this thing seems right to me, this thing does not seem right to me. But the front person keeps opposite views that these things are not right then, the first person starts changing its views, he starts turning the matter and speaks wrong things. It happens many times, right? Usually, people respect less to such peoples compared to those who keep their values, some believe, and they communicate those things that this thing seems perfect to me and I follow these things compared to those people who come into anyone’s talk and let go of their value, related to this, I had also seen story somewhere there was a man whose friends always used to drink alcohol, this man doesn’t drink. 

Psychology, Psychology Tricks

Many times people try to convince him that you drink and used to go with us, but he never does. First, they didn’t like it but all the friends started respecting him, he does what he says and he was like this. And According to him that friends started changing their plans too instead of bar they started meeting somewhere else. All these things happen only when you keep strong views on which you firmly believe, believe those things, and do communicate. 

Clear communication is very important everywhere, no matter whether it is business or a relationship or it is about earning someone’s respect. Always clearly communicate. I want you to tell me the eight things according to you what’s those things if people put in themselves then people will respect them, tell me by doing comment.

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