8 Ways to Improve Your Google Ranking in the UAE in 2022

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On the search engine page results, everyone wants to be in the top position within their industry. In a country like the United Arab Emirates, where the competition for Google ranking is very high, and it always remains a challenging task for the experts to rank in the first position. How search engines like Google rank these results can be mysterious, but savvy webmasters have figured out a few ways to improve your search engine rankings. SEO in Dubai and throughout the UAE in 2022.

Create informative content

You must have read on different sites that content is king, and in the case of improving Google ranking, it surely is king. Content plays a crucial role in SEO. Without it, Google will have no information about your website and will not be able to help you rank in search engine page results. Therefore, it is essential to create informative and quality content that must be Easy to use. If you create quality content that is easy to understand, useful to your audience, you will increase your online visibility and traffic to your site.

Check your site speed

Site speed is an essential factor that helps you in ranking on Google. It can affect your ranking on Google by increasing the bounce rate and dwell time of a site. If your site speed is faster, you will have a better user experience, or if it is slow, it counts as a bad user experience. Here are some of the best tools from which you can check your site speed.

  • GTmetrix
  • Google page speed information
  • sematext

Use the correct title tags

Title tags play a vital role in search engine ranking. They are essential for both search engines and users because they help them by giving them an idea of ​​what your page is about. Therefore, you need to use the right title that is relevant to your content. The length of the title must be 50 to 60 characters and with the inclusion of a main keyword.

Description Labels

Description tags play an important role in SEO. They do not directly affect your search engine ranking, but they do indirectly affect ranking through click-through rate (CTR). Therefore, it is important to write reasonable description tags because it increases your CTR, which helps your site rank better in search engine page results.

Improve site architecture

Site architectures play a critical role in search engine rankings. Good website architecture ensures that users and search engine crawlers can easily move through your website. The SEO optimized site architecture is impressive and efficient for spiders to crawl. This helps them discover and display your content on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Have a mobile or responsive site

Having a mobile or responsive site is necessary to rank in search engines because it provides a seamless experience for buyers visiting your site from different devices. Your website must be a mobile responsive website because more than half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. Therefore, Google prioritizes mobile page load speed as a critical factor when deciding the search ranking of your website, which is vital as 94% of organic search traffic comes from Google.

Use keywords naturally

Keywords play a vital role in ranking the content of a web page in search engine results. Therefore, it is important to use them properly so that when a reader reads your content, they do so naturally. The keyword density in SEO should be 1.5%.

use video

Using videos on a web page is the best strategy to rank higher in search engines. It is the evidence of quality content and gives your site a boost, allowing more people to visit your website.


If you want to be in the best results in Dubai and all over the UAE, by implementing these eight ways, your ranking of SEO in Dubai it will surely improve.

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