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Hey Everyone, we’ll be talking about some free courses and resources for you to become a great web developer. I’ll be talking about courses checklists, cheatsheets, documentation, and some other helpful GitHub repositories.

YouTube Channels to Follow for free web dev tutorials


The number 1 course that you can take is going to be the CS50 web development track I’ve talked about CS50 before but CS50 is a great place where you can learn about Computer science, Introduction to Computer science and they also have a web development track with which you can learn about basic front-end development technologies and you can build some projects along with it as well. So as you can see this is where it all starts


Number 2 we have freecodecamp web development videos they have some great web development videos that you can go through you can learn about design, you can learn about front-end development, you can learn about back-end development about cloud hosting, and a lot of other concepts as well Linux fundamentals you can learn from freecodecamp youtube channel.

Javascript Mastery

Now let’s take a look at the third one this is going to be Javascript mastery. This is a youtube channel that I recently discovered and basically, over here you can learn about building projects. 

Traversy media

This is a great youtube channel where you can learn about web development tutorials technologies, programming and web development crash courses, And the fundamentals of web development.


I looked at his content looks good to me I have also looked at a couple of his videos to learn from them. I think this is a great YouTube channel for you to learn about web development in Hindi.

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web development

Best Way to Read Documentation

I think documentation has to be one of the best ways for you to learn about any technology and to do that one problem is that you need to go to various websites to get the documentation. But not anymore check out this is a great free resource that you can use let’s say you want to learn about Javascript arrays. 

You just have to click on Javascript arrays and you can start learning about them. What Javascript arrays are you can see some implementation of an array in Javascript and I think this is a great part of this one website do take a look at this again it is called

Best Cheat sheets to Quickly Revise Web Development Topics

we have which is a great place for you to revise all the technologies that you have previously learned by taking the help of cheat sheets.

With the complete cheat sheet, you can learn about what are components, how to implement a simple component in react.js, you can learn how to import multiple modules and import multiple libraries,

you can learn about properties, how to create properties whatever it is that you need to know the basics of react.js are all explained here, in short, summarized for you quickly revise maybe you want to learn about this before going for an interview, or maybe you want to implement some sort of a component in your web app that you’re creating the project that you’re creating so this would be a great help for that scenario do take a look at this

web development

Great UI/UX Resource

We have a great website that I have recently discovered called checklist design. Basically what happens here is that you can find out the exact workflows that you need to implement on your website to have a great user experience.

This would teach you a lot about how user behavior works and how they operate whenever they look at a particular website. let’s say you go to pages and in pages, you can look at how to make a simple page so, you want to make a page for the pricing.

  • Pricing option 
  • Pricing features
  • Free option
  • Refund or return policy

Now, you want to implement elements you can again go to something like a text field what you need to have in it is already mentioned here you need to have an 

  • Input
  • Label
  • Placeholder Text
  • Data format
  • Illustration or an Icon

They also have workflows submitting a form making a payment what is it that you need to implement and how can you implement that step by step so that’s how this thing works is the name of this helpful resource.

Build High Performing Websites Optimized for Search Engines

we have frontend previously what I was showing you was the design of the aspect of having a checklist. This is the more development aspect of having a checklist in which you can look at the best practices on how can you create a high-performing SEO-optimized website. 

For example, if you have best practices what do you need to do? what all are things you need to implement to do that is all mentioned over here on this.

So you can go for SEO you can go for testing CSS how should your CSS be to create a great website that is a high performing you can look at all of those things over here a great resource when you’re building a project whenever you want real customers for your project and that’s going to be great for you.

Awesome GitHub Repository

Lastly, I want to leave with you a great resource called the awesome GitHub repository. Now, this particular is a great resource for you to learn about any technology, you want to.

This was a comprehensive list of some great resources that you can get for free and you can learn about learn web development.

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