Components of User Experience (UX)

Components of User Experience

Components of User Experience

We’ve seen a lot of bad websites built by Calgary digital marketing and web design companies. These sites were clunky and unresponsive. They don’t consider mobile, are not responsive, and leave people frustrated. We love creating beautiful websites, but we know that beauty will only take you so far. Sites should be easy to use and offer everything the user needs. We always think of the following User Experience components when designing websites.

1. Useful

People should be able to find joy and pleasure in your product or website. If they didn’t want it to be useful, why would they engage with it? Although users can be subjective, you should ensure that people who use the product or design a website find it beneficial.

2. Useable

People should be able to use your product or website. This is evident in the early MP3 players. Although they were able to beat the iPod in the market, they were not nearly as user-friendly as the Apple generation-defining device. People will abandon your site or product if it is difficult to use or navigate.

3. Locate

You can’t enjoy it if you don’t find it. If a user cannot find what they are looking for quickly in the digital world, and especially when it comes to websites, they will move on to the next site. Google is a giant in the online search engine and web design world.

4. Credible

Consider the brands that you most trust. What has the brand done to earn your trust? They’ve most likely delivered on the promises they made in advertising and provided services or products that meet your expectations. This is exactly what credibility means. People will leave your website if they don’t find accurate information. After all, there are much fish in this online ocean.

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5. Desirable

The same company owns both Lexus and Toyota. The Lexus is more desirable due to the additional features and improved design. Although both the Toyota Camry and the Lexus LC 500 tick all the boxes, if given the option to choose between them and money was not a consideration, it would be difficult to find someone who would choose the Camry. Desirability can be achieved through marketing, branding, or design. People will be more likely to find a site or product appealing and proudly boast about it.

6. Accessible

A website or product that is accessible to all users doesn’t score as well on the User Experience index. A product or website that isn’t accessible to people with disabilities can be very heartbreaking. Consider video game controllers. A person with a severely handicapped hand or a missing one can’t play the games. You’ll make your product more accessible for everyone.

7. Valuable

The list is the most important User Experience component. Your product or website should not be of little value to users. You must balance the price of the product or service with the value it offers. People will happily buy your product if it costs $50 to solve a $500 problem. It’s not worth $500 to solve a $50 problem.

If your website or product can consistently tick the boxes regarding what it offers potential users, then you will be able to make the most of all the sweat, blood, and tears that you have put into it.

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