Cybersecurity: What your business needs to know

Cybersecurity: What your business needs to know

Cybersecurity: What your business needs to know

Businesses lose billions each year due to cybersecurity breaches. Despite this, many businesses don’t take cybersecurity as seriously as they should. It is important to realize that cybersecurity is a major threat to all businesses, large or small. Without it, you can lose customers and money. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of cybersecurity for your business.

Cybersecurity is essential for business.

Cyberattacks are increasing in severity for small businesses. Cybercriminals have accessed the computer network of small businesses and gained access to sensitive customer information, banking details, and emails.

You can protect your entire business by having good cybersecurity, such as Iconic IT.

Why are small businesses vulnerable to cyberattacks?

You might have noticed that all of the cyberattacks reported on by news media were large corporations. These stories don’t necessarily mean small businesses are not at risk. In fact, hackers often succeed in hacking smaller businesses more than they do with larger companies. Because:

  • Small businesses do not hire IT staff in-house because it is either too costly or they don’t believe it’s necessary.
  • Online safety training is not provided by the company. It takes too long and is not considered a priority.
  • Their computer networks are out of date
  • There is no backup plan. Data is only saved on the network, not on the cloud or external hard drives.
  • Cybercriminals consider small businesses to be ‘low hanging fruits’ because they have less security.

How to keep your small business safe from cybersecurity threats

A dedicated IT department is the best way to protect your small business from cybercriminals. This can be outsourced if needed. It will keep everything secure and up-to-date. There are many other things that you can do to help.

You should first do a thorough risk assessment to determine the potential risks that your security system may pose. You can hire a consultant to help you determine what needs to change and then work quickly to make those changes.

Next, educate your employees about cybercriminals. Also explain to them how they can help by being vigilant. This specialist training must be kept current as cyber threats evolve.

Another way to stop cybercriminals accessing your data and networks is by using passwords. Passwords should be strong and contain letters, numbers and special characters. You must have a different password for each log-in (a cybercriminal could crack one password and use it for all of your data), and they should be changed every six months. Check out our article about how to create strong passwords.

Cheapsslshop offers an SSL certificate that secures your browser and travel information. This is another way to ensure cyber security. Third party hackers cannot sniff the information that is ongoing due to the encryption strength.

Make sure that everything is backed-up to the cloud. If your system is hacked and you lose your data, you will be able to trade if the information can be used remotely.

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