Database Connection Error – How to Fix?

Database Connection Error

Database Connection Error

Your website seamlessly uses PHP and MySQL together. One day, you receive a connection error. A database connection error can indicate a larger problem but it is often caused by one of the following:

Everything was fine yesterday

Yesterday you could have connected, but you didn’t change any code in your script. It suddenly stopped working today. Your web host is likely to be the problem. The problem could be caused by an error or maintenance on the part of your hosting provider. Check with your webserver to determine if this is true and when it will be fixed.


It could be that your domain name expired and your database is located at a different URL than your PHP file. It sounds silly, but this happens all the time.

I can’t connect to localhost

Localhost is not always reliable, so it’s important to point to your database directly. Often it’s something like or In your file, replace “localhost” with the direct address. Your web host will be able to help you if you have any questions.

My host name won’t work

Double-check your password and username. Then, triple-check them. This is a common mistake that people overlook or don’t notice. You need to verify that your credentials are correct. Also, ensure you have the right permissions for the script. A read-only user cannot add data to the database. Write privileges are required.

The Database is Corrupt

It happens. We’re now in the territory of a larger problem. You’ll be fine if your database is backed up regularly. You should know how to restore your database using a backup. If you don’t know how to do this, ask your web host.

phpMyAdmin Database Repair

You can restore your database if you use PHPMyAdmin. Make sure to back up your database before you start.

  1. Log in to your webserver
  2. Click on the phpMyAdmin icon
  3. Select the affected database. You should choose the affected database if you only have one.
  4. You should see a list listing all the databases tables in the main panel. Click View All.
  5. Select Repair table from drop-down menu.

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