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Saving money has become essential in this uncertain time. People realized the importance of savings and money when they lost their jobs, had their wages cut, and suffered business losses due to the global shutdown. Also, while the world is in lockdown, online shopping has increased, which is expensive. Even though there are no negotiation options, you also have to pay shipping costs, which is a further addition to the continually rising prices. In order to save your precious money, coupon codes or coupons are offered today to get discounts on online shopping. These coupons are in high demand nowadays due to rising prices and online shopping.

What is a coupon code?

Do they hear about coupons on and off? But do you know its meaning or purpose? We mainly use terms without knowing their uses and meanings. A coupon code is a combination of letters and symbols, a computer-generated code for e-commerce websites. A coupon code is also called a promotion code, coupon code, or discount code. Customers enter these codes on the checkout page in the promotional box to take advantage of the discount. It is a marketing strategy to increase the sale of a product. These codes are designed to encourage online shopping and increase store revenue. It is also the best tool for consumers to save money and buy the products of their dreams at the lowest rates. CouponGot.com and Groupon.com offer coupons and promotional codes for many stores, businesses, and online stores, including shoe retailers like Zappos.com; clothing brands like BananaRepublic.com or GapKids.com; shopping websites like eBay and many others.

Marketing Objectives of Coupon Codes

Coupon codes or offers are the best marketing strategy to improve business and increase sales. The word discount has a psychological effect on the human mind, making you buy products you don’t even need. The marketing objectives that a company can achieve from coupons are:

  • Increase subscribers and followers online.
  • Increases brand awareness in the public.
  • Increases brand loyalty.
  • Redirect online users to the website.
  • Qualify sales leads.
  • Promote the sale of products.

Types of coupon codes

There are various types of coupon codes for different types of discount offers. Here we discuss all the types:

These codes target a specific group of people. They are offered to loyal customers of the brand. They are also used for first-time purchases of a product or website.

They are available to everyone. The purpose is to increase the revenue and sales of the store.

They are for a single user, often offered as an add-on or apology. Also, these codes are delivered upon subscription or registration on the website for the first time.

It is a fixed percentage discount on any purchase. Let’s say a store that offers an annual sale of up to 50% off all purchases is an example of a percentage discount.

The type of discount when spending a certain amount. As an example, a store that offers a 25% discount when you spend $200.

It is the discount offered in the purchase of a certain product. Or buy one and get an offer. For example, when you buy a Refrigerator, you take a Mobile. Or buy one product and get the other for free. It is also the type of discount website that offers a free product with a basket of products.

It is a free shipping offer. You order a product and the store offers you free delivery.

How to shop online using coupon codes

Shopping is an art and saving money while shopping is a great skill. Coupon codes make your online shopping fun. Here are the steps to use discount codes when shopping online.

  • Find a coupon for the brand and product you want to buy.
  • You can get it from the company’s website or from advertisers.
  • You can also search on google. Just type in the coupon code for product XYZ and you’ll get great deals and savings codes.
  • Copy the code.
  • Go to the website where you want to buy.
  • Add product to cart.
  • Enter or paste the code on the payment page.
  • Click continue and you will get the discount instantly.
  • Click continue.

How shoppers find coupon codes

At the beginning of coupons and deals, these codes were only available on product websites. Today, these codes are available from many retail websites, influencers, and PR agencies. Stores also offer coupons and email promotions to subscribers. A more suitable way to locate a code is to search on google and you will get a lot of codes for your favorite brand. Some brands also offer birthday deals to their cardholders. You can also find these codes on online sites like Offers.com, RetailMeNot, and Coupons.com.

What is a linked coupon?

It is a link instead of a code. When you click on the link, it will take you to the discounted product. You do not have to enter the code at checkout. The link automatically generates the discount. Stores and brands often use these codes. They can use them within their email newsletters, on social media channels like Facebook or Twitter, in blog posts, or other promotional materials to allow readers to get discounts when they click on the links.

Cons of coupons

despite many uses and advantages of coupons, here are some drawbacks of coupon codes:

  • They lower the value of a brand.
  • It is the tactic used mainly by a product that does not sell to increase its sales.
  • When a store continuously offers codes, they delay their customers. Customers, when they need a product, wait for the moment when it is on sale.
  • Customers often get products they don’t need.
  • Most of the products offered for sale have less life.
  • Sometimes coupons are made so quickly that they become obsolete.


Coupon codes are like a light at the end of the tunnel in this period of inflation where the price of everything is going up. They are a great savings tool for online purchases. You save your precious money and sometimes you also get a product without shipping costs. The best advice for being a professional buyer is to buy when a discount code is available or at the time of the annual and semi-annual sales.

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