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How can you get into the software industry? and can you come in this or not? Is it possible for you to enter the software industry or not? can you come to the software industry? Yes, you guessed it correctly, the answer is “Yes.” Yes, you are welcome to attend, although some of you claim that I haven’t programmed in 15 years. Can I come if I graduated in law 15 years ago, or if I graduated in economics, or if I’m a commerce student? Yes, it is correct.. you guys can come.

Of course, you guys can come What is the reason for this..? The reason is that everything is going digital so many jobs are getting produced in such a short time. you guys will get a job because the demand is so high so the answer to this question is that how will the action plan be? What to do or not to do, I simply let you know individuals First of all, can you folks get it done? yes, you guys can. If you don’t have any degree, can you do it? Yes, you guys can do it and you can do even better than those who have a degree.

Software Industry, Software developer

Roles in Software Industry

What are the roles in which you guys will finally settle Ok, so here I will write the names of those roles in which you may see yourself in the future. Now, what are those roles that can probably get you a job potentially?

  • Front End Developer ( Front end engineer 
  • Backend Developer
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Software Engineer  (he is specialized in one particular language like C developer, Java developer, C++ developer, C# developer, or Python. )
  • Test Engineer 
  • Security Engineer

Choosing a Path in Software Industry

If you want to go in that field so if you guys want to come here and take one of these routes then for your kind information, let me tell you that maybe it will take you 1-1.5 years. and it might be more than that and in this process, you might become frustrated, you may give up and I have a living example of this thing.

People start and say that I will become a front-end developer They learn HTML, learn javascript, go to job interviews they are given a very complex design, and say that if you are a front-end developer then you make this thing and show it cancel, reject. There are developers better than you in the market, they will be hired and you will not be hired

Ninja Technique of Software Industry

So if you want to avoid this kind of frustration then I will tell you a ninja technique I will tell you a technique and if you apply that then I guarantee you I would like to tell you here what you guys should do I am making some learning Paths here. These are those learning paths that can be done very easily in 3 months, 2 months, or even in 1.5 months If you guys do it seriously then it will happen which means I’m writing only those things in it.

  • Path 1

I write python basics in the first Path plus data science and I call it a “pseudo python developer” pseudo python developer do not get me wrong, I am not saying that you learn half, don’t learn it completely but I call it a pseudo python developer. This is my nomenclature call it a pseudo python developer that person who has a basic knowledge of python can do a little bit of work in python and knows a little bit of data science, not an expert but he is capable of doing the work.

I give him some work If you give him an excel sheet, he can read the data, preprocess the data. He can make the input data that is required by the system He can do all these works but that person may not be the expert data scientist that’s why I call it a “pseudo python developer” who knows the basics of python and data science You guys will take 3 months to do this work.

If you give time diligently then it will take 3 months and if you specialize in each of them then it will take 1, 1.5, or even 2 years it will take a lot of time but if you do this, it will only take 3 months and the paths that I am telling are less time-consuming paths.

  • Path 2

The second path I want to write is “pseudo web developer” and I am not telling you that you do not have to learn, look when you are learning something then you start from zero and you learned it somewhere around 25%, somewhere around 50%, 70% you might not reach 100% but for you guys to get a level, say 80 is a level for an engineer in the expert field, it will take time to reach there. so I say why don’t you reach 45 or 40 levels and enter yourself in that field that means just start doing that “start is half done”, many people say that if you started means you did it halfway.

so I wrote here pseudo web developer For this you should have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Learn basic HTML basic, CSS basic, and javascript basic, and in the backend, you guys can learn “node js” because node js is somewhat javascript that’s why I included node js here. Because you will not have to learn an extra language, JavaScript will do that job.

And there is not so much node js in it, this is a pseudo web developer this is the person who will make the website, maybe he will take more time, maybe he will not be able to provide you a particular kind of work but he will do your work, maybe he will take more time, work a little slower. So it will take you 3 months to become this

  • Path 3

Another path is here and this is “Database Administrator” and “System Administrator”. System Administrator, I will call it a “pseudo admin”, by no means he is an expert of databases by no means he is an expert of system administration but he knows both the works and for this also you will take 3 months so I will also write it like 3 months here and to do all of them you require 1 year or 1.5 years and there is no guarantee of that It depends on the expectation and according to that, you will take time.

If the company is expecting that you should have a lot of expertise, then maybe you will require more than that. Now let me tell you about all these one by one.

Software Industry, Software developer

Front End Developer Discussion in Software Industry

The frontend developer is the one who knows how to create HTML, CSS, and JavaScript templates for web development there is an expectation from this person that this person will make templates very well and will work very well if you ask this person.

If you are hired as a frontend developer then maybe this kind of work can be given to you like take this thing down, change its color, change its border, want this thing here, want this thing there if its hover on this then this kind of design should be made and these things are tricky they are tricky because your job is only of frontend developer and you know nothing except frontend the backend is handled by another person, so it is your responsibility to make the whole design good. So you have to be a very expert and awesome designer.

It will be expected from you that you know Photoshop and made logos, it will be expected from you that the design that you make is not designed by any noob developer. It should look like, yes he is an expert person.

Now I am not saying that you should remain this when you become this then you are employable you will be considered as hireable and I would like to include Machine Learning also here and don’t get me wrong and you will say how will Machine Learning and data science be done in 3 months? you don’t have to learn it whole. You only have to learn enough so that you can be able to apply a machine learning algorithm on a data set with the help of python and once you have done this, you are employable.

Now let me tell you that you don’t have to remain there you will now approach a company and say that I am a web developer this is my GitHub, these are the websites that I have made I’m a frontend and backend means like I’m looking for a job as a full-stack developer I’m a beginner you guys can tell that you have been doing all these things for a very short time and once you said these things then you will get the job if your salary expectation is less.

I will say that you should get hired at a low salary many companies hire web developers from the company’s point of view, they will say that I’m getting this person at a salary of 50k per month. I’m getting this person at a salary of 50k or 40k and he knows web development and even his designs are good and even your salary expectation is low and you are not asking for a job of Rs 1 Million a year.

I’m not saying that you can’t reach there but first start it when you start and after starting when you get the job. Everything is going digital and that’s why so many jobs have been produced and employers are not able to get good employees to satisfy them, so even if they get a little bit and they will find you a value for money product so definitely they will hire you

they will feel that this person knows this much that if I take it for 50k, 40k or 30k or even for 20k and if you guys can take an entry in the software industry. So I would say that even if you are getting less money but your entry has been done.

Backend developer discussion in Software Industry

If you are a backend developer then you should know database and networking. You can choose a language of the backend like PHP or you can become a Django developer if you know python and how will you connect with the database in Django? How will you connect with the database in PHP? if you know all those things then you will switch.

So once you choose any of these paths then by learning an entry-level skill if you land in one of these three places then you have to make a transition S So I am telling you where you guys can do the transition. From python basics, you can make a transition to Data Scientist or software developer.And when you make a transition then your salary expectation will be high

if you learned the skill for 1 or 1.5 years then definitely your skills will be strong and believe me, nowadays all the employers only see the skills.

When I get someone to do some work then I ask what do you know. I do not ask how many degrees do you have, how many pieces of paper have you accumulated? No!, I don’t ask such things I ask what do you know and what is the proof that you know it if you have given these two things then definitely you are employable.

What is the meaning of pseudo python developer that I have told you guys? by no means, I am saying that you guys keep your skills half or incomplete or learn a little bit, I am not saying that. I am saying that we should learn only that so that we should become worthy so that we become capable of doing something and then we do transition here.

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Database Admin Discussion in Software Industry

So if you want an entry in data administration, database admin, or system administration then what do you need? Linux, you should know Linux you should know SQL. You should know how the databases work in databases we have a concept of RDBMS, the Concept of no SQL.

Now, if you want to become a DevOps engineer then the expectation is a bit high you should know about docker. System administration means that you will get a job in which you have to manage the server of a company. you mostly work in Linux and you mostly use the Linux commands to monitor the processes. Is the website up or not? What is its downtime?

and first of all, downtime should not come, so all those things will be your responsibility, but you will get a very simple job

Let’s say there is a clothing company, it just went digital and has a website then it will want to hire a person who can manage their systems. Even if you get less salary but you can become an entry-level database admin or system admin. Now you don’t need to find this job with this name: database admin plus system admin you can find it as system admin or data admin or you can find it with any other name and the meaning of that is this itself.

you might not even get to hear this pseudo python developer anywhere but you will know because it will be written in the job description that you should have knowledge of this and that and sometimes I have seen employers putting everything in the job description knowledge of HTML, knowledge of CSS, knowledge of SQL, knowledge of python, C, C++, data science, strong in data structures and algorithm.

When you guys see all these things then you don’t apply there you guys say that I don’t know this, you don’t have to do this there, you have to see what is expected in that job if this is a web developers’ job so you say that I know this you should have that much confidence that you can say, yes I know web development and I can do it. And once you got the confidence of that thing that I can do web development then apply for the job, your CV should be very good.

when you are transitioning, so this is the second step don’t focus too much on the transition how will you make a transition you guys simply have to keep in mind how can I get the entry so how to take entry that I have explained in these three things. So I found these three paths easiest that’s why I kept them. One path can also be that you can study a language and then take the job of a software developer. 

You can become a pseudo python developer by taking this route and then you can make a transition into a software developer. C, C++, Java, C#… whatever language you want, you can learn that but maybe when you guys learn java, then it takes too much time or becomes frustrating.

if you are becoming an engineer from which expectations are a little high and all those things then it might require a little more hard work but this is the path that you should take if you want to become a software developer.

How do you feel about this and what is your viewpoint for taking this Article?

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