Sales Prospecting: Basic Things You Need To Know

Sales Prospecting: Basic

Sales Prospecting: Basic

Prospecting is the act of finding potential customers and building a list of leads. The goal is to then communicate with them and convert them into paying customers.

Three experts from the prospecting industry were brought together and interviewed directly.

Here are the questions and answers of Andre Oentoro (A), Ebnu Sudarso (E), and Natasha Rei (N)

Where can you find Prospects?

A: We rely on LinkedIn to find quality prospects, as we use social media platforms a lot to attract and promote new customers.

E: To attract new customers, we often rely on existing clients and word-of-mouth. We use email to stay in touch with customers and to sometimes find new ones.

N: There are many avenues we can use to find prospects such as referrals and social media. Our email list generates prospects. Many people find our blog useful and drop their details on our mailing list. This allows us to identify potential customers and helps us filter out those who are not interested in our company. These prospects can be reached to become customers.

Which prospecting method works best?

A: For us, building a strong professional brand on LinkedIn seems to be the best way to increase prospects. By joining LinkedIn groups and participating in discussions, we make sure that we are always involved in the industry. We keep up-to-date with news regarding our prospects’ businesses so we can stay on top of the latest trends as well as any pertinent discussions.

E: A credible website and a good reputation are key to attracting new customers. Our work and customer satisfaction are our main focus. We also keep up with industry news to get an idea of how we can innovate.

N: Engaging content marketing is one of the best ways to prospect for your business. People are used to reading online content every day. This is a great way for us to reach the market and provide useful content. It will be easier for us to promote our brand to our audience if they are engaged with relevant content.

How can you identify potential prospects?

A: We are focused on finding qualified prospects with a strong interest in our brand. We search for users who have interacted with our profile (like, comment and share) to find them. We sometimes also look into the networks of our competitors to gain a quick prospect listing.

E: Prospects are identified by their interest in our brand. We consider someone a prospect if we have had contact with them for a period of time. These are usually visitors who want to get quotes or our services.

N: We monitor our sales funnel religiously. Once a lead enters the funnel, we analyze the likelihood that the current will take the next step. To determine if they are moving further down our funnel, we can segment the lead by demographic, behavioral, and psychographic factors. We will work with prospects to make them customers and prospects once we have collected leads.

How can you create a prospect list?

A: We begin by gathering profiles that are similar to our target prospects. You can filter by industry, such as real estate, finance, or nonprofit organization. To get a better understanding of the people and to find the best matches, we scan the following. After identifying people that fit the criteria, we look for like-minded individuals to increase the list.

E: We keep a list of prospects through our email subscriptions, and we also have contact information for those who reach out to us to request quotes.

N: Our prospects are ranked based on the email subscription and direct sales forms that we have placed on our website. The live form data can be used to segment the leads. It is crucial to create and segment the initial form so we can identify who is interested in our product and who is just trying to tap into our marketing funnel. We can then reach out to them using different methods to achieve our goals.

Which sales prospecting tools do you use (if any) What are your thoughts on it? Likes/Dislikes?

Q: We use Crystal to prospect for LinkedIn. This tool allows us to gain insight into a person’s personality based upon their LinkedIn and other social media profiles. This tool allows us to analyze millions upon millions of data points. It shows us which personality type each prospect is, so we can identify their likes and dislikes.

E: We do not use any sales prospecting tools.

N: Eloqua is used to automate our email marketing campaigns. This tool allows us to design campaigns, analyze firmographic data and score leads simultaneously. This allows us to segment prospects more efficiently based on behavioral data.

Which prospecting channel do prospects use to engage you?

A: LinkedIn

E: Email

N: Email

Select the prospecting method and lead source that best suits your niche to generate high-converting leads.

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