How to make MILLIONS without a College Degree? | Top 5 High Income SKILLS in 2022

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Top 5 High Income SKILLS in 2022

In 2020, all of our lives kind of paused. But, at the start of this year, we saw that little ray of hope when we thought that everything is starting to get better. But, just as we thought this, you hit the bump. In 2022 because of Omicron we all got a hit. But, one thing that has stayed with us is that whatever happens our focus should never go away from our career. According to a study on LinkedIn, it was known that the entire economy is currently going through a reskilling and upskilling revolution.

Through this, it was known that employers these days will prefer skill-based recruitments rather than credential-based hiring. So maybe that is why recruiters don’t fancy traditional credentials or any Ivy League college. For them, if you are not from an ivy league but you’re good at your work and you’re skillful then you’re surely hired! The only question that arises is what are the relevant & High Income SKILLS in today’s time? or high income skills you can learn online

Content Marketing

NO. 1 Skill in Top High income skills is Content Marketing. I’m not saying this because I’m a content creator. There’s a very good reason behind this that even you’ll be able to resonate with. But before that, I’ll tell you what is Content Marketing? Content Marketing is a marketing approach where you have to strategically come up with valuable and relevant content for your audience and distribute it. Now, how does this distribution happen? Through media platforms in the form of videos, blogs, podcasts, and others.

Remember when we were locked up at home during Covid? When you couldn’t go out or talk to people? Our survival became easy because of content creation. A business uses content marketing to attract leads, make a case for their product or service when someone is researching what to buy, and close sales. To blow your mind a little more I’ll tell you the stats! Businesses with blogs get 67% more leads than other companies. 47% of buyers view 3 to 5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales representative.

Data Science

NO. 2 Skill in Top High income skills is Data Science. Clive Humby, who’s a famous mathematician of the UK, and also the architect of Tesco Clubcard, in 2006 he’s said that Data is the new oil And Like Oil Data is valuable and if unrefined, it cannot be used. In 2006, these things must’ve not made much sense but in today’s time imagining the marketplace without data and data scientists is next to impossible. Data is one of the reasons why Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. are such big giants.

high income skils

A footballer from Manchester City negotiated a significant deal worth something around $100M and all with the help of data. Isn’t it crazy? Take any sector, Baking, Ecommerce, Pharma, Logistics, etc. you’ll find one thing common in all of them. For the better functioning of all these businesses, you’ll need data. And to make this data meaningful, you’ll need data scientists.

Alright right, I didn’t tell you what is the work of a data scientist? So basically, a data scientist collects all the data and then after possessing all that data, they reevaluate it and prepare an action plan.

Blockchain Developers

I know that after hearing ‘Blockchain’, two things must’ve popped up in your mind. First is Cryptocurrency, and second, Elon Musk. But, Blockchain is far bigger than that. I’ll explain it to you through a story. So, if I buy a dress from a shop I’ll swipe my card on a machine and the amount will be debited from my account to the merchant’s account. But, the few seconds that are taken in between transferring the money, in those, your bank checks if there are enough funds in your account to pay the merchant. And if there’s enough money, then the money will be debited from your account to the merchant’s account.

high income skills

But, if the situation is another way around? The transaction will not take place. So in this scenario, there are two people. One is the buyer and the second is the merchant. And between this transaction, there’s a middle man which is the bank. And in the case of blockchain, there is no middle man to keep the records of transactions. Now, what happens in the case of blockchain?

If I like a dress and I want to purchase it then I’ll pay through the crypto wallet and instead of the bank validating the transaction, this goes to the public record. In this public record, there’s a record of every single transaction that has ever happened since the blockchain started. So, if I have to give Rs. 500 for that dress, so a bunch of computers will go through all the transactions in the blockchain to determine if I have enough funds. And if I have, the transaction will be made and it’ll be recorded in the public record.

Now, this was about blockchain, but, how can you monetize this as a skill? Blockchain is a decentralized system that is unhackable, transparent, and permanent which can not only be used for virtual currencies but other things too. For example, you must’ve heard the name ‘Ethereum’? Through Ethereum, you can also mint NFTs Now, where are these NFTs being minted? On the blockchain! Web 3.0 would be the foundation for the metaverse. And Web 3.0 will consist of Blockchain decentralized applications. So, if you start understanding blockchain from now on then you’ll be very rich in the future.

Affiliate Marketing

NO. 4 Skill in Top High income skills is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based advertising model where the company pays influencers and bloggers basically, affiliates to advertise their products and services and generate sales. The sales that are generated through this advertising, a small cut of it i.e. commission is given to the affiliate. For example, if you promote the product of some brand, and suppose it’s of Rs.1000 then 10-20% of it, i.e. Rs.100-200 will be given to you.

high income skills, affiliate marketing

Now, I’ll tell you how affiliate marketing as a skill is helpful. In affiliate marketing, a marketer has a unique window of opportunities. In which they can showcase their creativity and earn money. I mean you’re getting money just for recommending a product that too without any major investment.

All you need to do to become a good affiliate is to be creative, you should be able to address the current needs, and be a good salesperson, that’s it! In fact, according to the reports, the affiliate marketing sector is somewhere worth around 12 Billion USD And the spending on affiliate marketing is bound to grow by 10% in the next few years. So it is safe to say that affiliate marketing as a skill or an option for side hustle will bring in lots of money for you!

Active Listening And Problem Solving

The last Skill in Top High income skills is Problem-solving. Covid brought a lot of changes to our life. But, it also taught us one of the most important things. Modern problems require modern solutions. I mean how many of us would’ve thought that we’ll be attending school and college lectures online? Not only lectures, but we’ll be giving exams online too? From this, one thing is clear. We don’t need to go to the office every day to stay productive, we can stay productive from our home too.

And after all these things, when I look back and think, then the day is not far where people would be paid for solving problems. And if you’ll combine problem-solving with your hard skills, then it’ll be a package!

Problem Solving might look like a generic skill but it is in every organization’s prerequisites list. But, if you learn these skills then it can make you stand out of the crowd and it also shows how good of a leader you can be. But, how can you master this problem-solving skill? Only when you’re an active listener. Listening is a very underrated and important skill. Till you don’t listen to what someone is saying, how will you address their problem? That is why to be a good problem solver you need to be cool-headed and a listener.

So, these were the 5 High Income SKILLS according to us that can take you to newer heights in 2022.

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